Kurs Aktualisierung: Course 50255 Managing Windows Environments with Group Policy

Microsoft Learning hat den Community Kurs 50255 Managing Windows Environments with Group Policy aktualisiert.

Dauer: 5 Tage
Skillpipe: Ja
Papier: Ja
Sprache: EN

Module 1: Introduction to Configuration Management
Module 2: Using Group Policy Management Tools
Module 3: Designing a Group Policy Infrastructure
Module 4: Understanding the Architecture of Group Policy Processing
Module 5: Troubleshooting and Backing Up GPOs
Module 6: Securing Windows Using Group Policy
Module 7: Implementing Application Security Using Group Policy
Module 8: Configuring the Desktop Environment with Group Policy
Module 9: Implementing User State Virtualization
Module 10: Assigning and Publishing Software Packages
Module 11: Configuration Management with Windows PowerShell
Module 12: Creating and Deploying Administrative Templates
Module 13: Configuring Group Policy Preferences

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